A dark art, or just a lot of tedious work?

SEO seems to come across as this mysterious manipulation of the mind-swarm of search engine crawlers that tirelessly map and remap every webpage connected to the internet.

I’m here to throw light on the subject: it’s nothing more than one big logic puzzle. And the more you understand how the pieces work together, the more of the big picture you can see.

I offer two main SEO services. Not everyone will qualify.

Website SEO Doctor

This is a single-visit service where I take a full analysis of your website and correct all of the SEO “blockages.”

This includes the following:

      • Proper use of titles and headings
      • Proper use of meta descriptions
      • Fixing/clearing broken links
      • Optimizing and properly sizing images
      • Optimizing file names
      • Use LSI where relevant
      • Optimizing page keywords
      • Geo-tagging images where appropriate
      • Implementing Schema tags where appropriate
      • Resubmitting your site to Google Search Console and other search engines when it’s all done!
Who Qualifies:

✅ If you built your website yourself and you aren’t a web designer, then you definitely need this. Fill out the form at the bottom ⏬.

✅ If another web designer built your site and didn’t charge you for SEO optimization, then you probably didn’t get any. Fill out the form at the bottom ⏬.

❌ If your website was newly built by me, then you don’t need this. I already set all this up in the initial build (it’s included in the build price). Scroll down to see the SEO Coach 🔽.

⚠️ If your website is not built on WordPress, talk to me about getting it redesigned in WordPress.

Website SEO Doctor’s Visit: $697

Website SEO Coach

This is where I work as a trainer to guide you in your journey to the top of the search engine rankings. I prefer to play this game organically, so while we focus on gaining page rank, you’ll be building authority, recognition, and likability in the real world.

This is an ongoing monthly service where I continually monitor site traffic and perform research specific to your needs.

This service includes the following:

      • A monthly report and detailed breakdown of individual page performance
      • Suggested changes to metadata and keyword focus that I implement upon your approval
      • Suggestions for keyword focus on future content
      • Guidance on optimizing your content for Google Snippets
      • Advice on how and where to establish valuable ‘follow’ links that will pass authority to your site’s pages
Who Qualifies:

✅ If I built your website, then you automatically qualify for this service. The sooner we get started, the sooner we can affect your ranking. Fill out the form ⏬.

✅ If you’ve already been through the SEO Doctor, then this service is the obvious next step. Fill out the form ⏬.

⚠️ If I did not build your website, then you must first get a visit from the SEO Doctor. You wouldn’t go to the gym with appendicitis, would you? Fill out the form ⏬.

⚠️ If your website is not built on WordPress, talk to me about getting it redesigned in WordPress.

Website SEO Coach: $147/mo

SEO Services Inquiry Form

Just fill out the quick form below, send it, and I’ll get back to you within 2 working days (Monday — Friday).

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