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Millions of your genre’s readers are looking for their next favorite story. The challenge is not rising above other bestselling authors; the challenge is rising above obscurity.

Tailored Techniques

I bring you marketing know-how and experience that’s publishing-focused from its foundation. I’ve collected the very best ways to promote authors online, and apply them to every project.

Premium Products

You want marketing instruments that have stood the test of time and remain top-of-class. The tools and apps I use are all cherry-picked from the best in the industry, chosen for their versatility, performance, and longevity.

Only do what only you can do.

Paul Sloane

Web Design Services

New Website Build

You’ve decided to put your time and energy in your area of genius: thrilling readers with the entertainment, escape, and education your writing brings them. Let me do what I’m best at: building a marketing machine that will give you the furthest reach to find those readers.

Existing WordPress Website Remodel

You DIYed a great-looking website and it’s just not performing like you’d hoped? Sometimes major work is needed for top performance. But most of the time, it just needs some functionality tweaks and SEO calibration. Knowing the difference is my specialty. 

Rebuild/Migrate From Self-hosted Platform

Wix and Squarespace are great, but the most powerful tools have always been on open-source WordPress. I’ll handle the process and ensure your platform eliminates the friction between reader and purchase.

Consulting, Support, À La Carte Work

Whether it’s DIY guidance, done-with-you support, or done-for-you work, I’m flexible and available to provide the help you need at any stage of the journey.

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