Author Brand: Your Reputation With Your Readers.

Your brand is not a set of colors or logo, or a slogan, or an attitude. Your brand is the reputation you have with your readers: who they say you are.

A Consistent Promise

People trust consistency. People like knowing what to expect. Be consistent in delivering what they expect from you, and you’ll win their hearts.

Showing Up

To find those loyal readers, you’re going to have to find out where they congregate (online and IRL), go there, and become a part of their daily landscape. You and your writing need to be part of the conversation.

Only do what only you can do.

Paul Sloane

Author Branding Services

Marketing Coach

You published your book! Now what? Which of the 4728 things to market your book do you do first? Paying someone to clear the decks and keep you on track and stress-minimized can be a priceless resource. A coach can help you see your strengths and talents in a new light, giving you the insight and encouragement to implement the best ideas, compounding your efforts to serve more readers. 

Psychographic Research to Find Your Readers

Finding the readers who make up your core audience is the most important marketing factor in becoming a bestseller. And calibrating all your marketing efforts to serve them can mean the difference between scores of unsolicited 5-star reviews and scores of 1-star and 2-star reviews.

Ongoing SEO & Digital Marketing Support

Ah, the ancient dark art of digital charisma: SEO. Remember that Archimedes quote about having the right lever and moving the world? When it comes to showing up online, SEO is that lever. Or maybe you just need someone to manage your online marketing machine while you spend your time and effort writing that next book. 

Are you ready to have that audience of raving readers you've always dreamed of?

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