I build audience-multiplying platforms for Authors.

You’re an expert in your niche.

You shouldn’t have to be an expert in mine.

The Whats.

My goal is to build long-term relationships with authors through 3 simple services:


Whether it’s a brand new website or a ground-up redesign, I use all the tricks in the bag to make sure your website is an immersive experience for your readers. That way you get to focus on what you do best. Writing.


Like any business machine, your website needs to be kept in top running condition. I take care of all the upkeep, reporting, and security—so you get to sleep at night knowing your website is getting reader traffic.


Want to show up on the first page of a Google search of your author name, book/series title, or category? That takes time and diligent effort. I do that for you with ongoing SEO expansion and research to grow your market reach.

In the near future, I plan to add other marketing services like setting up email CRMs, ad campaigns, and book launch strategies. Stay tuned…

If you’re not visible online, you’re not visible.

The Who.

No, not the British rock band from the 70s. The nerd with skills. This guy.

I’m Damian.

And this is my serious face.

I enjoy science fiction, loud music, and black T-shirts.

The Why/Difference.

What makes me different from every other web designer out there?



A Fearless Mouth

My highest priority is open and honest communication. If there’s a change or delay, or something’s not working on my end, you’ll be informed right away.



An Understanding of What Authors Need

Having been an active part of several author communities since 2016, I have studied and cherry-picked the best practices for online marketing strategies, beginning with website design and function.



A Market-Minded Approach

Online marketing is serious business, and I make sure your website not only looks awesome, but converts visitors into loyal readers.




Not a Robot

I’m a human being, not a “company.” I like to be personal and build long-term relationships. Believe it or not, this process can be enjoyable! I make sure your experience is a low-stress one. I dare to say we might even have fun doing this thing.

So are you ready to finally have an amazing website you can be proud of?

Don't wait. Readers are already clicking their way to an author who has one!